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How To Complete Your Homework Assignments Quickly: 8 Helpful Tricks

No one particularly enjoys doing homework but when it starts to drag and become too time-consuming we begin to dread even thinking about it. When you find doing these tasks is becoming a huge time sink try these eight tricks to get your work done more quickly.

Trick 1 – Jot down answers in your class notes

If you are fortunate enough to have the assignment available before your class then use this helpful trick. Review the questions prior to class or have them available. During the lecture when the answers are discussed notate them in your notes to include in the assignment later.

Trick 2 – Study partners

Another quick way to complete assignments quickly is to work with a study partner. Split up the assignment and each of you take one half then share your answers for half the work load.

Trick 3 – Study cribs

Many college social organizations had a tool they called ‘cribs’. Cribs were copies of old assignments and past tests that the school had given to students and these groups maintained these for reference. If you know of any groups who maintained these files consider joining these social groups to benefit from these resources.

Trick 4 – Homework and study simultaneously

A trick that many students will use is to study and do questions at the same time. This works by having the questions available while you are doing a reading assignment. When you find the answer in the material complete the question at the same time. This will expedite the entire process.

Trick 5 – Create a good environment

Everyone needs an environment that is conducive to their own studying. When you are preparing to do your task find somewhere that is distraction free and that will allow you to focus. This area could be a desk or even a chair for comfortable reading it just needs to work for you.

Trick 6 – Combine with exercise

Some people find that exercise clears their minds and allows them to focus on a problem. One famous author used to compose novels while running. If you find this works for you then consider reading through an assignment then going to the gym, you may have everything worked out and just need to put it on paper.

Trick 7 – Sleep on it

When you encounter a problem that you just cannot solve do not waste long hours at night trying to figure it out. Go to sleep and many students have reported they woke up and had the answer figured out.

Trick 8 – Grin and bear it

When all else fails and the other tricks do work the final choice is to grin and bear it. Buckle down and work your way through. The more you follow this approach the quicker the work will be as you learn the material.

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