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How Does Homework Stress Out Students: Expert Tips

Ask any student: homework is one of the most stressful parts about being in school. Although most students except that schoolwork will stress them out, they may not understand why it actually causes so much tension. To understand why assignments have this effect, students need to understand how the human mind and stress work.

Fear of Failure

For good students, one of the worst parts of doing assignments is worrying about failure. Even if someone regularly scores in the top of their class, there is always a fear that they will slip up on an assignment. Unlike in-school assignments, homework can only be done at home. This means that students are unable to ask for help from their teachers or classmates if they need it.

Limited Amounts of Time

Among older students, there is an increasingly large amount schoolwork that is handed out every day. In addition to schoolwork, older students may work part-time jobs, play on sports teams or participate in other extracurricular activities. At this age, the student is focusing on preparing for college and may spend several hours each week preparing for the SAT. After spending so much time on other things, the student may not have a lot of time left to devote to their schoolwork.

Inconsistent Expectations

One of the worst parts about going to school is learning what each teacher wants. Even though the expectations and requirements should theoretically be the same between teachers, this is seldom the case. At the beginning of each school year, students have to start trying to learn the new expectations of their latest teacher. This adds a significant level of stress to the student's life until they can figure out the teacher's requirements.

The Mind Needs Sleep

To function at their best, students need to sleep. The mind and body only work at their best levels when they have been replenished through sleep, healthy eating and hydration. Interestingly, teenagers actually need more sleep than adults, but they are less likely to get it. Between schoolwork, extracurricular activities and long school days, students do not get the amount of sleep at night. By operating on reduced levels of sleep, students end up feeling more fatigued and stressed out than normal. As the student becomes more stressed out, they complete homework at a slower rate. This in turn causes them to go to bed later, and the vicious cycle of school-related stress continues.

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