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The Main Advantages And Disadvantages Of Holiday Homework

Holidays are given both to enjoy and to work. The work portion is for the home and one should try to focus on all the leftover jobs and all the heavy task and shred them off from their shoulder during the festive seasons.

The advantage and disadvantage of holiday homework:

During normal working period it is not possible to carry on with all the different kinds of jobs like essay and assignments and studies. So during the holiday season they are given homework to be completed. Well that has both good and bad sides. It will be bad if you don’t manage your time properly and it will be good if you get to do all your work and still enjoy. So it is all up to you and your perspective of looking at the work.


  1. The first and the foremost thing of a holiday work is that you get to go far ahead from all the course studies. You will be smoothly doing all the works and this will give you extra time to revise at the end of the season before the exams. So this actually helps you to buy some time for your last minute preparations and revising. If you are going to mishandle your free time then you will be the one suffering later on. So better not waste the time and carry on with your work slowly.
  2. The second thing that a person should keep in his mind that the more the level of education increases, the burden and the pressure of the studies also increases with it. One must understand that holiday seasons are only for enjoying has been a notion when you were a child, but now you should get one thing in your head, that you have been given this extra time just to aggravate in your studies. The school and the college expect that you will be a step ahead of what has been last taught in your class after the holiday.


  1. A coin has two faces and like that everything has a good side and a bad side. One must accept that there should not be so much burden and pressure that a student does not get to enjoy anything during his holiday seasons. It is their right to enjoy too.
  2. The holidays are given for some family tours and one should avail them at least ones in a year. The pressure of the work should be limited so that they can both enjoy and work.

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