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5 Good Reasons Why Schools Should Give Homework

  1. Homework helps to promote independent thinking
  2. One of the main benefits of setting students work to do outside of the classroom is that it promotes independent thinking. This can be a hugely important skill that is used not only during the educational stage of someone’s life, but further on as people become older and wish to start a career.

  3. Setting work for students outside of school hours is financially beneficial
  4. As well as reasons for setting students work to do outside of school that are related to educational benefits, there are also financial advantages as well. Rather than paying teachers to stay on for longer hours, it is possible to reduce the financial burden on educational establishments by requiring students to do the work on their own outside of school hours. This enables schools to use the budget more effectively when students are in school.

  5. Homework enables teachers to assess students and understanding of the work provided
  6. A third benefit of setting pupils work to do outside of school hours is that it enables teachers to assess students and how they are getting on with the course. Teachers are able to identify any strengths and weaknesses based on the work that they receive from students, and can therefore address any areas of concern more effectively.

  7. Setting work outside of lesson time encourages students to use research methods
  8. As well as promoting independent thinking, students are likely to develop various research methods when completing work outside of lesson times. As well as becoming more efficient using the Internet to find relevant information, other research methods may include finding relevant information in libraries, newspapers and other sources.

    As with independent thinking, developing good research methods can be a useful skill later on in life when it comes to finding a career.

  9. Providing students with work to do outside of class avoids burnout
  10. Lastly, another good reason for requiring students to do work at home is that it can avoid the possibility of burnout. Without homework, it is possible that individual lessons would need to be extended, which can have an adverse effect on the students’ attention spans. By setting work that can be done as and when the student is ready, it can avoid the detrimental effect of burnout caused by excessively long lessons. Consequently, students are likely to absorb more of the information that they are learning about.

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