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Finding Checked Physics Homework Solutions On The Web For Free

Physics homework problems can be difficult to solve if you are studying on your own. If you can find no help from elsewhere, the internet is always a rich resource of information and you should be able to find answers to most of your questions there. Better yet, the answers can be from trustworthy sources so you know that they have been checked and are correct.

Where to look?

Here are some great online resources where you can find checked physics homework answers.

  1. Automated physics calculators
  2. There are sites online that have calculators and converters programmed into them. These programs have physics properties, laws and calculations fed into the backend so when you enter the particulars of your problem, for example the values of mass and acceleration, you will automatically get the value for force. Use can use these sites to calculate your homework problems and get accurate solutions.

  3. Use the resources on your school website
  4. Your school website probably has a physics section with plenty of older work uploaded on it. Search this resource and you can probably come up with answers to your questions as students will previously also have answered them.

  5. Look up your course book’s publisher’s website
  6. Some course book publishers have teaching guides available to teachers for free on their websites. Most of these guides are extensive in nature and cover everything your course book has to offer. These guides contain questions and answers. You can look through them to get answers to your questions.

  7. Join a Physics Community
  8. Find a physics community or forum online and look through the posts. Someone probably had a similar problem as you and posted there. A lot of people are eager to help and will have answered that question. You can find your answer that way. If you find nothing, you can always create a new post and ask your questions. Someone will answer pretty soon and give you a great solution to your problem.

  9. Do an Internet search
  10. The wider internet is an amazingly rich source of information. There are millions of people active on it at a single moment in time, even billions. You can find information on any topic you can think of. This is true of your physics homework too. Search for your particular topic and of the many results, try to look for solutions from great sources like universities or colleges which will be carry the reassurance that the solution provided has been checked and is correct.

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