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Top Five Effective Homework Strategies For ADHD Children

Your child suffers from ADHD homework my present more of a challenge than it does for the average student. Thankfully there are ways to remedy this.

  1. The first thing you can do your child struggles from ADHD is to set a timer. If you ask your child to simply sit down and begin work until the project is finished that is not quantifiable and as result brings with a great deal of stress and a mental block that impedes their ability to complete the task at hand. If, instead you state that there is a timer and the only have to work until the timer goes off the project becomes significantly more manageable.
  2. Student should be allowed to get up and roam around while they work. If a student, for example has to read eight pages in one of their books and they are feeling antsy, there's no harm in letting them walk around the house or around the neighborhood while they read if they feel so inclined. Doing this allows them to get physical activity in while getting their work done which improves creativity and focus while also making homework significantly less stressful and activity.
  3. The third thing you can do is to remove any distractions. As a parent this extends to taking a phone call while your child is doing work. You should avoid anything in the vicinity that would distract your child from the task at hand even if it does not seem significant to you.
  4. The fourth thing you can do is to take regular breaks while working. Rather than have them work until project is complete have your child work for roughly 10 to 15 minutes and then take a short break. Taking regular breaks like this will help them to motivate and will decrease frustrations associated with the task and make them seem significantly easier.
  5. The final thing you can do is to offer help when needed. Be nearby at all times when homework is being completed so as to provide any necessary assistance when it is required. It is important that the student hold the pencil or pen at all times, but that you are nearby to answer questions or lend a hand. This helps the child to stay motivated as well, knowing that they can always turn to someone for help if they get stuck.

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