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Where To Go If I Need Physics Homework Help

Modern students have more options than those of any previous generation when it comes to seeking out help in their studies. Much of what they need to know can be accessed in a few clicks at no immediate costs. Nonetheless, if physics is the subject that gives you the most grief, here are some specific sources you can target for help.

  • MOOCs
  • Massive Online Open Courseware. It may not automatically seem useful to you especially if your homework assignment is specific and the course drags on for weeks. Still, by regularly participating in MOOCs related to physics you will have access to some of the best teachers on the planet, on demand, for free. You may not be able to talk to them but you can replay the videos as much as you want and check out additional material. If you are diligent, you will get better and better at your own homework.

  • Short video tutorials
  • Sometimes a MOOC is still too long or you may need to wait a week for the information that will help you in an assignment due in a few hours. In these cases you can look for shorter tutorials. Most video sharing sites will contain these. The production may be less refined as they are usually made by amateurs with small budgets but the information is often very high quality and delivered with humor so that it’s easier to digest.

  • Multiple texts
  • If the physics book you normally use is confusing, find others. There are many available online that are open source so you never have to worry about using them without the author’s permission. If you ready to venture further, you can check out the library and open a physical, paper book. Your homework assignments may just be explained in detail within those pages.

  • Study Buddies
  • If you have friends who like physics it’s in your best interests to ask them to help you. Their enthusiasm for the subject will rub off on you if you’re lucky. If not you can still ask good questions throughout the session and get some tips that can make you more competent if not an actual genius in the subject.

The ability to do physics homework may depend a little bit on your natural aptitude for the subject but even more than that you should rely on perseverance. Some people get it immediately and others have to fight for it. That’s what homework is really for.

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