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Is It True That Homework Doesn't Help Students?

Before making a judgement on whether or not homework does or doesn’t help students, it is important to look at the advantages and disadvantages. The following aims to look at a few of the pros and cons, so as to come up with verdict as to whether or not students are helped by work that is set for them to do at home.

The advantages of homework for students

With no teacher available to answer any questions, doing work at home can help to develop independent thinking, as well as encourage good research methods. Been able to research accurately and effectively is important skill in life, not just that school, and also at university and even later on for a wide range of careers. Another advantage is that it provides students with a bit more flexibility as to when and how they do the work, rather than making the school day longer in order to fit in the extra time that would otherwise be needed.

The disadvantages that mean homework isn’t helpful

Whilst some students may benefit from the research skills that homework is able to teach, others will struggle to adapt and to learn these methods. Equally, not everyone will need to use them later on in life and, therefore, there is an argument to say that it is pointless forcing students to learn such techniques.

Another disadvantage is that students can find ways of getting the homework completed without having to do it themselves. Whether they get their friends to help them or they even play professional writers to do the work, if they’re not doing it in the first place themselves, then it is a complete waste of time, and certainly not helpful for the student involved.

The verdict: is homework helpful or just a waste of time?

To conclude, sometimes setting work for students to do home can be helpful; however, there will be many occasions where it simply doesn’t provide any benefits. Perhaps a good solution would be to slightly extend the school day and to encourage research techniques they can be taught in school. Furthermore, this will prevent students from cheating on the work, and will therefore be more beneficial for students overall.

Having said that, there are financial restrictions when it comes to paying teachers extra to stay later, as well as other difficulties that lengthening the school day could pose. As a result, it is unlikely that things will change too drastically.

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