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I Want To Learn Physics: A Brief Introduction For Beginners

One thing that you must understand is that physics is by no means an easy science. It involves a lot of precise calculation and you must be able to understand multiple concepts. In addition to that, you must be able to apply all these concepts into real life situation. Sounds hard, doesn’t it?

However, if you are willing to put the hard work in, you can surely understand the basics of it quite quickly. There are a few skills that you need to polish first before you can understand everything about physics.


Maths is really a prerequisite for physics – you need to understand how the calculations work and how you get to a certain answer. Bear in mind that the formulas involved in physics are extremely difficult. It is not uncommon that it requires multiple steps before you can solve an equation!

You need to have strong knowledge in topics like calculus, statistics, trigonometry and algebra. If not, you are not going to have a good time!

Obviously if you are not exactly great with maths, then my suggestion would be to polish it up before taking on physics. Otherwise you would be struggling with it.

Moving on to physics

Are you prepared to not stop learning? Well if you are, then you are certainly fitted for physics! Just think that physicists are always trying to discover new concepts for things around the world and even outside of the world (i.e. space!)!

You must understand that the concepts of different topics in physics. However, you should probably start with the basic physics, such as heat, thermodynamics and velocity. These are some of the easiest concepts to learn and then you can build upon that.

What should you learn?

To start off, you need to learn the important formulas that define velocity and acceleration. Perhaps even something about force and energy as well. There are simply too many things to measure and discuss in physics and that is why I would suggest you to stick with the basics first.

This will probably take years, but once you understand everything, you will be able to learn at a much quicker pace!

I hope this beginner’s guide has been helpful to you and hopefully it will guide you to become a better physician!

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