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Is Homework Harmful Or Helpful: Analysing All Aspects

Homework is one of the most controversial topics in education today. Other than standardized testing, homework is hotly debated, but continues to be a regular practice in the majority of schools. Depending on the age of the student, homework can be helpful, but if it is not assigned the right way, it can actually be harmful.

How to Use Homework

Homework becomes helpful in a few different circumstances. It should only be used as a way for students to reinforce their school learning. For example, math teacher can assign a few problems that connect with the lessons they gave in class. In order for the assignment to be successful, the problems should be easy enough for students to complete on their own, using the tools that the teacher taught.

Flipped Classrooms Can Work

Another useful form of homework is the flipped class style of assignment. This can only be used when students have their own technology and Internet source. A flipped classroom involves video lessons that are watched at home. Then the students come to school and work on the assignment in class. The teacher does not teach the lesson in school, but works with students in small groups to help them practice what they learned with the video tutorial. This form of homework works as long as students watch the videos before they get to class.

Student Apathy Hurts

The biggest problem with homework comes with the fact that so many students do not do it. Teachers have no control over the working environment, which is why so many homework assignments do not get completed. Many students are unable to complete their work at home because they do not have the support they need. In some cases, teachers give assignments and parents complete them for their children. Big projects that need to be completed at home also frequently get completed either by parents or by no one at all. In cases like this, homework does nothing for student learning.

Reading Does Not Get Done

Many teachers would love it if students would complete reading assignments at home, but this usually does not get done, either. Unfortunately, at the college level and high school level, this puts students at a disadvantage. When students are fully capable of reading, it is a matter of choice that they do not complete their assignments. Even with the prospect of a reading quiz, students do not care to take the time to read.

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