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How To Focus On Boring Homework: Basic Suggestions

Sometimes it can be difficult coming home from school or college at the end of a long day, and then having to start all over again by doing homework.

This can be especially difficult when the work that you have been given may not be the most exciting or inspiring. So let’s try to make the process a little more interesting.

  1. Work with a partner
    • This can work well as you can bounce ideas off each other, and generally try to use the task as a learning curve.
    • Set yourselves a time limit and plan some down time after.
    • The downside is – unless you set up ground rules, you may get side tracked and the work will not get completed in a reasonable time.
  2. Think about a different angle
    • Try looking at the task from a different angle. This could work well if you are knowledgeable about the subject.
    • Has the work been set in order for you to prepare for the next lesson? Can you see the progression of learning?
    • Think about why it is boring. Is it because you don’t like the subject or your find the subject difficult?
  3. Give yourself a goal
    • If you have more than one piece of homework, then do the boring homework first and complete it as soon as you get home.
    • Estimate how long it will take to complete the task, and plan to do something you enjoy as soon as you have finished the work.
    • If you complete the task before the estimated time, double the time you will spend on the fun activity.
  4. Use it as a stepping stone
    • If you normally enjoy the subject but this piece of work does not inspire you change the focus.
    • Use the work as a portal for other interests you have in this area of study. Apply the learning to further your knowledge.
    • Draw from your experiences in other areas of the curriculum. Can you apply what you have learned in other areas to this task?
  5. If all else fails!
    • Look for someone to do the work for you. You may have a friend who may be willing to help.
    • Look online for homework sites. Look for examples of work that you may adapt to meet your needs.
    • Also look on line for instructional videos, these can offer some good ideas that you may be able to adapt to your own needs.

Good Luck

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