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Physics Homework Hints: Time-Saving Techniques For College Students

Sometimes you just need a break, right? You need a simple way to find a hint that will help you finish up your physics assignment, so you can get some much-needed sack time (and show me a college student who doesn't need that)! A quick web search will give you some good ideas of where to look for such hints, and I'm going to show you a few of my favorites here and now.

Professorial Notes

There are a number of Physics Professors who have compiled very helpful notes, presentations and hints that can be found in a basic web search. From Coulomb's Law to Faraday's, from Electric Potential to Electromagnetic Waves, one can find reference materials on topics that will be of immense help to many students of physics throughout their academic careers. Some professors have even posted exams and solutions for review.

Online Tutoring Services

Another excellent resource is the tutoring service. Even without purchasing their primary service, you can often find many homework hints on such websites. For a fee, there are also Unit Packets, Chapter Notes, Videos and more to help even the most desperate student find the answers so desperately need! You can view complete lecture PowerPoint Presentations, and even review the complete study guides used for her classes. In all, this is a resource as valuable as any you might find anywhere.

Video Tutorials

A great resource can be found in video format. Go to the search box on your favorite search engine and type in “Physics Tutorial Videos.” This will give you numerous links to videos covering everything from “An Introduction to Physics” to “Wave Optics” and more! Rather than have to scan through hundreds of documents, I merely look for a tutorial that contains the subject matter of my assignment, and watch and make notes! This is by far the most time-saving method I've discovered, and while it may seem like simple common sense to most of you, it would amaze you how many students have never considered the value of online video as a study resource!

I'm sure that many of you have other sources that you find helpful, and I encourage you to share them with your fellow students; but for those of you who are struggling with homework, these tips should give you some ideas on where to look for the help you need.

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